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With an inventory of HVAC equipment in our farm business including multiple walk in coolers, a walk in freezer, several ice cream freezers, display coolers, as well as central A.C. it is a life saver to have someone like Matt Burt on my speed dial.

No matter when I have called Matt (including 5AM before he was having minor surgery that day at 9AM), he has answered and provided exceptional, timely service every time.

He takes a no nonsense approach to problem solving, helping us with the easy fixes by troubleshooting remotely while working through the bigger issues.

Matt keeps the big picture in mind, always providing great advice on whether it's best to use a band aid, make a more significant repair, or start over.

He also knows his way around the breaker box pretty well too.

If you have a problem or need related to HVAC or electric, Matt at Comstock is the guy to call!
Bill Wickham
Wickham Farms
1821 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road
Penfield, NY 14526

After only 7 years our hot water heater is done for. That's right... no hot water in February in NY.

Thankfully we called Comstock HVAC, Inc. out of Naples and they came today. The problem with the 7 year old tank that should have lasted 20 years... electrical components. Surly it's under warranty? Nope, warranty lasted ..... you guest it, 7 years. So sick of major appliances being made with electrical components that only last one month past their warranty. Oh the joys of home ownership ??.

But for anyone needing help with heating, mechanical, electrical and the like, I can't say enough good things about Comstock HVAC. (585) 374-8764.
Jessica Larter Witherow
Came home to a cold house. Called around for hours, finally, a bloke answered.
Comstock HVAC, Inc. out of Naples, NY.

He said he would be out in an hour. It took him 30 min. He was friendly and competent. Had the heat on in an hour. Great service...
Michael Potter
Comstock HVAC offered it all and delivered as promised.

We searched for a competent, professional and cost efficient company to replace our old and deteriorating HVAC (heater and AC) equipment in our over 140 year’s old historical building.

Comstock HVAC offered it all and delivered as promised. Matt Burt’s professionalism and personal dedication to his family owned business and to his customers, stood out at our first on site meeting.

On the day of installation, Matt and his son stepped out of their vehicles and went straight to work. Little time was needed in their preparation to replace our old equipment. From beginning to end, I was left with nothing but confidence that everything would work as planned and in a timely manner! Even the challenges they were faced with, due to the age of our building, were quickly and successfully overcome.

I would recommend Comstock HVAC for handling any job. Their high level of professionalism and personal dedication, at a great price, can’t be beat!!

Jeffrey H. Wells (co-owner)
The Olde Country Store and More – 1849
North Cohocton, NY.

Honesty, Integrity, Affordable, Trustworthy, Dependable.....

Just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Comstock HVAC. They have been doing business with us for 14 years and have helped us stay in business. With a commercial kitchen, and equipment being aged, it is nice to have a company who can understand and keep it all operating for us. I would highly recommend Matt And Cindy from Comstock HVAC.

Wendy Meyer,
Luig's Pizza
103 South Main St
Naples NY 14512
Wendy Meyer
Matt and Cindy Burt didn't do the original installation of our wine cellar, but we wish they did

We've needed them twice and they were prompt, professional and extremely knowledgeable. We are very glad that they were referred to us and recommend them without hesitation.

Thanks again for your help today.

Dawn K. Klein, CFP?, MBA
Dawn and David Klein
Homeowners feeling the heat this winter...

Margo Deusenbery remembers one winter night very well. The house turned bone cold and there wasn't a drop of fuel oil in the tank. I had a handy husband, recalled the Naples resident. She was fortunate for that, she said, and a supportive family. Her husband, James, went out in the middle of the night to their son-in-laws house to siphon some fuel oil to bring back and put in their tank.

Now a widow, and living on a fixed income, Margo said she not long ago made the switch to natural gas. as it's much more convenient and better on my budget.

While Margo and others in the Finger Lakes are struggling to keep warm this winter and waiting for the early spring predicted on Groundhog Day those who service heating units and replace furnaces have been scrambling.

While business is booming, it isn't necessarily all that profitable, though.

The phone has been ringing off the hook at Comstock HVAC. Owner Matt Burt, whose business serves customers from sites in Naples and Canandaigua, said due to the economy, people have been servicing units less and doing fewer system upgrades.

Until something goes wrong.

We do a lot of commercial and residential work, he said. While routine upgrading of systems is down nearly 50 percent, emergency repairs and replacements are way up.

A lot of people have been finding their old, outdated units don't do well in this cold weather, he said. That is when you get the 2 a.m. calls.

A popular choice right now is switching from oil to natural gas, said Burt. It's good for customers, as it's more affordable and natural gas systems don't generally need as much maintenance, he said. So once Comstock puts in a natural gas system, he doesn't usually get as many service calls.

Naples resident Sue Cowley said she has cut her heating costs about in half since switching to natural gas a few years ago. With the price of oil spiking and rebates available, it was a good choice, said Cowley, a retired teacher.
Margo Deusenbery