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I highly recommend Comstock HVAC for your business and personal needs.

They are a family business, and they have always been very responsive to my parents, myself and MY family business.

Recently, the AC at my home stopped cooling. Matt came the next day and diagnosed that I needed a new one. (mine was 25 years old) He gave me a quote and ordered the parts. He arrived that morning at the exact time, he said he would, and they finished the job by lunch.

When it was time to write a check, the job was SIGNIFICANTLY less because Matt had found another supplier for one of the major components, and he passed on the savings to me.

Now that's service with integrity! Thank-you Comstock HVAC!
Mike Joseph
This is a WONDERFUL family owned company. Matt, Cindy and Matt 2 were all involved in installing my new air conditioner. Given the relic that my old one was it was nice to have both Matts on the job. They were very efficient with Matt 2 working on the electrical while his father and mother worked on the unit outside. They were very professional, knowledgeable and did their best to save me money. Also went out of their way to get me through a few days when units were not available (due to the holiday), despite their best efforts the old unit was DOA. Matt 2 then brought in a portable AC unit for me to use until they could procure the new unit. As promised they arrived on Monday morning and I had AC by noon. They are GREAT and I would highly recommend them. They really seem to care about their customers and the work they do which is rare these days.

Dr. M. Budd
West Henrietta NY
Dr. M. Budd
My wife and I had Matt and Cindy come out and install our new central air conditioner, and they provided outstanding service. They were friendly and knowledgeable and answered any questions we had, and their price for the job blew away everyone else. We are thoroughly satisfied with their work and would highly recommend Comstock HVAC to anyone looking for a new central air conditioning unit or a furnace.

John Boccacino
Farmington NY
John Boccacino :: Farmington NY
After years of not having the proper air flow in 2 of our upstair bedrooms, Matt arrived with his son to determine whether there was sufficient heat or ac into both rooms.

For the size rooms they were, they would need to shut down one of the two vents in each room.

Within an hour they had resolved years of uncomfortable air flow in my childrens rooms. Thanks Matt!!

Bob C.
Lima NY
Bob C.
I'm so happy I found this company!

I manage several large rental properties in the area and was in need of help with our furnaces at all of our locations. Matt and Cindy were very helpful, professional and knowledgeable in so many different areas. I was pleasantly supersized to find out they are a family owned company with a large range of expertise with all types of services. I will be using them for many years to come. Thank you!

Jill Swan
Webster Propertys Luxury Living
I have to say Matt is the most amazing and efficient person I have ever met. Called him and was right here to make sure we had heat before he left and I would recommend him to anyone.

Angel Marie Kretchmer
Wayland NY
Angel Marie Kretchmer
5 Stars

Project: Repair Natural Gas or Propane Furnace / Forced Air Heating System

I was contacted immediately and received service the next day. Everything was explained completely, the problem was resolved and the price was very fair! I would highly recommend and will be using again.

Jennifer P. in Canandaigua, NY
Jennifer P
My mother in law had trouble with her boiler system. The system was only 6 years old.

I am a journeyman electrician but not very familiar with boiler systems. I worked with Matt and Cindy to troubleshoot and repair the problem in a timely manner. There were a few problems with the boiler. One of the problems was actually caused by another repair man who was from a local (Canandaigua) HVAC company with a fleet of white vans. That "other" repairman actually drove his white van with the fancy letters into my mother in laws yard and got stuck! He rutted the yard up and had to be towed out, leaving a mess of the yard with the boiler system still down!!!

Matt and Cindy will troubleshoot to the bad component and then change that component, not just change a bunch of parts and hope they got the right one. Matt and Cindy are very personable and treat the customers like they are family. Matt has strong troubleshooting skills and Cindy is an excellent apprentice. Customer satisfaction is #1 with Comstock HVAC. I'm very particular on who I trust to work in my house or my family's house but I would hire Matt and Cindy in a minute. Great people!

Jamie FitzPatrick
Canandaigua NY
Jamie FitzPatrick
We were using M.E.W. Services for two years then we realized we were being taken advantage of and overcharged!!

We contacted Matt regarding an ongoing walk in freezer issue and he came right out and took care of us!!!!

Matt and his wife Cindy were very professional and their pricing was more than reasonable. They are very honest and have the customer's best interest in mind.

We will not use any other company going forward - we found our saviors.

The Malcuria Family
They are the best! It's amazing they do electrical, plumbing and HVAC!

I'd scheduled an appointment to have electrical work done on my 120 year old house- and 2 days beforehand, my hot water heater died! I called them, and they were able to tack on the plumbing job. They replaced a single wire, so I didn't need to get a new tank!

They offer good advice-pointed out potential problems down the road- important to me, living in an old home! It's so reassuring to know who to call. Folks that I trust do a great job.

Rose Hogan
Naples NY
Rose Hogan