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My mother in law had trouble with her boiler system. The system was only 6 years old.

I am a journeyman electrician but not very familiar with boiler systems. I worked with Matt and Cindy to troubleshoot and repair the problem in a timely manner. There were a few problems with the boiler. One of the problems was actually caused by another repair man who was from a local (Canandaigua) HVAC company with a fleet of white vans. That "other" repairman actually drove his white van with the fancy letters into my mother in laws yard and got stuck! He rutted the yard up and had to be towed out, leaving a mess of the yard with the boiler system still down!!!

Matt and Cindy will troubleshoot to the bad component and then change that component, not just change a bunch of parts and hope they got the right one. Matt and Cindy are very personable and treat the customers like they are family. Matt has strong troubleshooting skills and Cindy is an excellent apprentice. Customer satisfaction is #1 with Comstock HVAC. I'm very particular on who I trust to work in my house or my family's house but I would hire Matt and Cindy in a minute. Great people!

Jamie FitzPatrick
Canandaigua NY
Jamie FitzPatrick