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Excellent company with great workmanship. Matt and Cindy were very accommodating and prompt.

Very affordable and we love the new system.

Thank you Matt and Cindy!

We would highly recommend Comstock HVAC.
Kathleen & Dennis McDonald :: Naples NY
After my heater went out on the coldest night we've had this season I called my regular heating company (Isaac heating and air) I've dealt with for years and being told they have a 24/7 emergency service for such things only to be told it would be a month before they could get to me. I have 3 kids living in a house with no heat and they wanted me to get by for a month?

Well needless to say I called Comstock heating and air(out of Naples) and he was at my house in about an hour and had my heater working again in 30 mins. This man was a life saver and has gained a loyal new customer. He was extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what was happening within 5 mins of looking at it. He even did some preventative maintenance on a couple things he didn't like the look of. Even though it was an emergency call on a Sunday morning he was more than fair with the invoice.
William Kern :: Dansville NY
I highly recommend Matt and Cindy at Comstock HVAC! They were timely, efficient and a really pleasure to talk to. Thank you for responding so quickly and getting my unit up and running. I appreciated your advise and look forward to working again with you in the future

Barb Owren
Canandaigua NY.
Barb Owren :: Canandaigua NY.
I Had intermittent issues with furnace trying to get it running before the cold season started.

After my initial trouble shooting, called Matt. He walked me through some more trouble shooting steps to try to save me a service call.

Ended up with him having to come to the house, finding out the pressure switch was bad.

Basically got the furnace to run on temporary parts until the new switch came in.

Once the new switch came in, he called and made arrangements to install.

As luck would have it the new switch worked, but the time between visits showed another issue with my furnace which took some time to diagnose.

Matt fully explained the steps he was doing to rule out issues, basically letting me learn some trouble shooting techniques for next time.

Would highly recommend, very knowledgeable, will answer questions and explain what is going on.

Hoping to not have issues again, but Matt will be the first call if I do.

Thanks again Matt.
Thomas Averill :: Cohocton NY
Excellent service! Would highly recommend, we were serviced promptly, very friendly and informative. thank you!

Vanessa Griffith
Naples NY
Vanessa Griffith :: Naples NY
Matt was prompt and very fair with his quote. He not only installed central air Conditioning but also showed me where I may have trouble with my heating system when winter set in. Air conditioning is a luxury but out where I live heating is a necessity.

The installation was done a week after his quote and it was finished in one day. They cleaned up after themselves and also discovered a gas leak that had nothing to do with their install. That alone could have caused an irreversible consequence.

I am very glad I contacted Comstock HVAC and I know if I have any problems in the future they will take good care of me.
Thanks to Matt and everyone at Comstock HVAC.
Gary Ward :: Prattsburgh NY
Exceptional service at a moments notice. I highly recommend this service. Very friendly and easy to understand. Walked me through everything while working.
Brendan Dolan :: Naples Ny
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Their aren’t enough words to express the quality of service we have received. They go above and beyond and do amazing work! I highly recommend them to anyone!
Jessica Williams :: Wayland NY
Matt and Cindy from Comstock were prompt, professional and provided outstanding services at a fraction of the cost of a competitor. They went and picked up a new unit and replaced it that day! So happy to do business with them and will certainly continue. Highly recommended!

Amy C.
Andrews Way
Canandaigua NY 14424
Amy C :: Andrews Way
Matt and Cindy service our 4 ptac systems here in our condo at Bristol Harbour in Canandaigua NY. Excellent skills, very professional, nice people to deal with. Definitely use them again.
Bruce Didsbury :: Cliffside Dr